My Senator, Robert Casey & Healthcare Reform

I received an email from his office touting town hall meetings on healthcare reform in Johnstown (Jack Murtha’s district) and Lock Haven. Since they are both beyond my daily driving range, I used the “Contact Senator Casey” webpage to send my input.

Eventually I believe it will get read, after they read the thousands of pages in the five bills now being discussed (none of which came from President Obama, who has a(nother) dream, but no plan)

So I wanted you to be able to see what I wrote to Senator Casey as well…

Healthcare “Reform” which does not include TORT REFORM can NEVER be bipartisan.

Healthcare “Reform” which does not protect the unborn can NEVER be bipartisan.

Healthcare “Reform” which does not EXPLICITLY exclude forced taxpayer support for abortion can NEVER be bipartisan.

The Federal & State Government has created and mismanaged five different healthcare “systems” (Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Healthcare Administration, DoD TriCare & IHS/PHS). They are all going broke because you cannot apply macro measures (e.g. 16% of GDP) to micro issues (how much does person A want to spend on health versus person B).

It is the same mistake which the Axis Powers made pre-WWII – they way underestimated the size and scope and productivity of the United States economy.

Got it? We’ll see!

PS If you represent ALL Pennsylvanians, why is there no “drop-down” topic for Tort Reform in your “Contact Senator Casey” webpage?

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