NBCMA Goes Green – Praised by PA-DEP

nbcma 047aThe first Municipal Solar Renewable Energy system in Northampton Township was dedicated on July 10, 2013 at the Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority.  Hailed as a “model program” by the PA-DEP, this initiative was financed by GRANTS and a private investor at no cost to the Municipal Authority.  The result is a nominal 20% reduction in the costs of electricity supplied to the Authority’s well on Township Road.

The bigger impact is on the environmental side of the equation.  As Barry Moore of Moore Energy says, “It will save 60,000 pounds of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere.”  That’s in addition to the estimated $200,000 in reduced electrical costs over the 25-year estimated life of the system.

Northampton Township Democrat supervisors opposed a similar offer for the (now) James Kinney Senior Center last September.  Democrat Board appointee to the Municipal Authority, Michele Held, also opposed this Green Renewable Energy initiative for the Authority.


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