New Leadership

“We need the leadership, vision, and experience of George Komelasky.”
EdFarling_May5_2008SMThe following appeared in a “Guest Submission” on the OPINION page, page A12, of the Bucks County Courier Times on Thursday, September 10, 2009. It is fully reproduced in our “Letters”  Section with the permission of its author,  Mr Edward Farling of Holland PA, a concerned citizen – this is just the opening portion.

New Leadership: Last thing we need is more of the same

Winning elections has a way of throwing cold water on even the hottest rhetoric. President Obama, for example, has found some of his loonier campaign promises impossible to keep once faced with the realities of governing. He has reversed himself to meet the responsibilities of his office.

By contrast, right here in Northampton, Supervisor Rothermel has had no such awakening.

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