Northampton Township to Receive Another Major Grant

More Help for the West End Water & Sewer Project
Deon_Sep2006aSMThe gist of a recent email message from Supervisor Deon on more aid for our citizens who are being burdened with the costs of a new sewer project. As Supervisor George Komelasky has been quoted as saying: “This is what good government is all about”.

Here’s a quote from Vince Deon’s email:

Hello Northampton ,
Good news!

Tom Zuner, the Executive Director of the Northampton Township Water and Sewer Authority, working closely with George Komelasky and myself, was able to secure an additional $1,000,000 in grant money to assist the DEP mandated sewer project in the western end of Northampton Township .

Rep. Scott Petri worked tirelessly in Harrisburg to make this H2O grant a reality. To date we have been able to secure a total of $3,000,000 to lessen the overall cost for the residents effected by this DEP forced project.

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