Opinion Letter From Vincent J. Deon

This is a copy of a recent Guest Opinion Letter sent to a local paper and copied to us by Vincent J. Deon of Northampton Township. It is a little unique due to the fact that Mr. Deon is the sitting Chairman of the Township Board of Supervisors and is not up for election this year.


SENT TO BCCT (Bucks County Courier Times) 5:44pm -10/2/09

There are people who have no trouble “dishing out” criticism and advice, even when they the lack firsthand knowledge or enough information about the particular matter to deliver informed, constructive criticism. The receipt of such uninformed criticism comes with the job of elected officials. Whether from political opponents or the local newspaper, I accept this sort of back seat driving as inevitable. It does not make them bad people, but it does not make them well informed, either.

Many of these suggestions sound great: cut this cost, add some small thing to that program. But, the consequences of cutting that cost, or the real cost of adding that “one small thing” to a program are often much bigger than the suggestion sounds. Most recently, the idea of bidding every contract over a few thousand dollars has captured the imaginations of my opponents and the ‘over the top” partisan Courier Times’ editors. Its appeal is the promise of lowering the cost of government in Northampton Township. But, this simplistic piece of advice overlooks a number of critical factors.

You can read the complete letter in our Letters Section by clicking here.

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