Patrick Murphy Walks (er, Misses the) Point!

Fact: Patrick Murphy is the self-proclaimed Obama/Pelosi point man for rescinding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
Fact: Patrick Murphy champions transparency in government with co-sponsorship of HR 1207.

What is his strategy for success?

Patrick Murphy is one of 285 (285/435 or 66%) co-sponsors for HR 1207, Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2009, which among other things, calls for audits of the Federal Reserve (which has NEVER happened before).

This bill was introduced in late February, 2009. Two days later it was sent to the House Financial Services Committee, chaired by Barney Frank. Barney Frank is an openly gay member of the House of Representatives. HR 1207 has sat, unchanged, unnoticed and unloved except for the lip service of “co-sponsorship”.

Patrick Murphy is not on the Financial Services Committee. There are 71 members on this Committee, 30 of whom are co-sponsors of HR 1207, including all 29 Republicans and 11 Freshmen Democrats. With that profile (40 support, 31 oppose, and 285 co-sponsors, why hasn’t this bill come out of committee for five long months?

Has Patrick Murphy approached Barney Frank about a quid pro quo such as, “I support HR 1207. If you’ll move it from committee for a vote by the full House of Representatives, then I’ll work to get ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ support!”

Most of us don’t know the “rules of the game” inside the Beltway – nor do we want to, but Patrick Murphy apparently knows them much better than he lets on. Or maybe not!?

Is it lack of competence? Or is it chicanery?

Maybe the Media should ask the hard questions.

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