Preservation and Bids

Here’s the text of a recently published opinion letter by Jerold Bass in The Bucks County Courier Times, in case you missed it.

gop_buttonIt addresses both the criticism leveled at the Board of Supervisors and the unfair, poorly researched articles on the subject by the newspaper staff and editors.

On 9/30/09 this newspaper took to task the Republican majority of the Northampton Board of Supervisors for not being fiscally responsible in light of their (legal) right to not go out to bid on professional services, to wit “Legal” fees.

– On 10/01/09 the same editor again chides the Republican majority for not selling the Richboro School to non taxable institution instead of a taxpaying entity.

This newspaper also fails to mention that the successful bidder was the only one of the three that actually had the MONEY. The others would have had to scramble to raise the needed funds just to close, not mention the approximately $400-500 thousand dollars required to make the building habitable.

You a1so failed to mention that the $530,000 received from e successful bidder would be in the townships coffers by years end, reducing significantly any deficits in the upcoming budget, and lowering any increases needed due the national recessions impact on the local economy.

The Northampton democrats, this paper and local democrat pundits also frequently criticize the Republican majority for not going out to bid for the Videographer for township. Frequently cited is the difference between Newtown Township and Northampton with Northampton being twice as much.

Has any critic ever bothered to point out that that difference is the overtime rate only and not the hourly rate? Has any critic ever pointed out that Northampton has a minimum of 10 more meetings per year then Newtown? Has any critic ever commented on the fact that the services provided to Northampton are far in excess of any other townships?

Has any critic noted the following?

  • Newtown has 4 pieces of equipment, Northampton 14
  • Newtown has 2 programs broadcast, Northampton over 30
  • Northampton is model for all in the area with a state of the art system
  • Newtown, all maintenance is extra, Northampton, most maintenance is part of contract

Note should be made that with all the screaming and hollering, the bottom line is that there is less an a two thousand dollar difference between the townships with Northampton receiving far more services.

As to the overtime costs, it is interesting to note that since the seating of 2 democrats on the Northampton Board in 2008 the annual overtime has risen by more than 350% from 2007. Most of the overtime is generated at the meetings, which with the coming of the democrats have become a circus.

As a Republican I can accept this newspapers left of center bias. What I cannot accept is the lack of investigation of facts before presenting misleading information to the public.

These are difficult times we live in and it is incumbent that the news media that serves us does so in an even handed and factual manner. It is your right to endorse candidates and positions, but it is also your obligation to present accurate information so that we your readers may make equally well informed decisions.

Jerold S. Bass

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