Reject Washington and Philly DEMs… Vote Republican on November 4th!

You can easily tell the nature of a person by the company they keep.


Tom Wolf and Mike Stack, running against Governor Tom Corbett and Bucks County’s Lt. Governor Jim Cawley, are disciples of Philly politicians and union bosses, Hillary Clinton and the Obamas.  Northampton Twp voters overwhelmingly reject those types.

Kevin Strouse, running against Mike Fitzpatrick for the House of Representatives, is like Pat Murphy, the last carpetbagger that moved to the area supported by Nancy Pelosi and other D.C. Democrats.  Murphy voted for Obamacare before he read what was in it.  Strouse is no different and Northampton Twp voters have overwhelmingly rejected those types as well.

Northampton Township Supervisor Rose, running against Tommy Tomlinson for PA Senate, embraces and is supported by Washington and Philly insiders who have brought us Obamacare, chaos and stalled government.  Of course, Rose stalled Northampton government for 2 years and voters overwhelmingly rejected those types in 2013.

Both Strouse and Rose are supported by Tom Wolf. Strouse, Rose, and Wolf support Obama’s philosophies and policies.

Send Wolf, Strouse, Rose, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Steny Hoyer, Ed Rendell, Brady, Philly Union Bosses and Politicians a strong message.

Vote Straight Republican this Tuesday, November 4th! 
Bring a friend and neighbor too.  It is more important than ever to exercise your right to vote.

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