Rendell: Eating Their Young? – Demoncrats propose Sales Tax on Lawyers!!

PIT Increase is Dead; Democrats Switch To Legal Services Tax.

House Democrats floating sales tax expansion to fund their increased spending

The following is a statement from House Republican Leader Sam Smith (R-Jefferson County) regarding the latest tax proposal being offered by House Democrats as a means to balance increased spending in their budget proposal. For 51 days, Pennsylvania has not had a full operating budget in place, and the latest official budget proposal put forth by the House Democrats increases state spending to $29.1 billion, more than is supported by anticipated state revenues and federal stimulus dollars.

“Increasing taxes is wrong, and now is possibly the worst time to take any more money out of the wallets of Pennsylvanians.

“We killed the attempt by the governor and House Democrats to increase the income tax on working Pennsylvanians. Now it appears they are moving to get more money from the sales tax by taxing legal services, which are currently exempt.

“Their plan would limit access to people who truly need legal help. Those indigent or working Pennsylvanians who want to right a wrong would have to pay a new tax? What are they thinking?

“It’s wrong and would place additional hardships on Pennsylvanians struggling to keep their homes or clear their credit in these tough economic times.

“It’s surprising the Democrats would move in the sales tax direction as they spent the last several years attacking the sales tax option as a means to deliver property tax relief.

“The sales tax is regressive and expanding it will shift a greater burden to those communities who are least able to afford it.”

Representative Sam Smith
Republican Leader
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Stephen Miskin (717) 705-1852

Kudos to Rep Petri, Sen Tomlinson and the rest of the PA Republican Delegation on holding the line on increased taxes of any sort! Keep up the good work.

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