Sample of a Civil Republican Ballot

Republicans, Independents and Democrats Urged to Know  The “Good Folks” by Name ; A Vote For Them Will Help Throw Out The Rascals.

Here is the Official 2010 Republican Sample Ballot for all of the 18 Northampton Pennsylvania Township Voting Districts.

Feel free to click on the image to obtain a full-sized version that you can review, share with your neighbors and then bring with you to your voting place to help educate others waiting to vote. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Independent or Democrat, you are more than welcome to vote for the Republican candidate of your choice.

In fact, everyone is urged to vote for Republican Candidates to help bring some sanity and civility back into the election process.

Did you hear the results of the ABC Network Election Report the other day stating that 51% of the Democrat TV ads were Personal Attack ads, whereas 69% of the Republican TV ads were anti-policy ads? Click on the “ABC” to see it for yourself!

It graphically shows how far down in the gutter the desperate Dems really are!!! And the ABC Network has been not really leaning towards Republicans either in the past few years.

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