Thank You Americans of Northampton Township!

To all of my neighbors in Northampton Township and the rest of Bucks County:

Congratulations on taking a very important step in correcting the course of the U. S. SHIP of STATE.  We had a massive turnout – over 55% in Northampton Township.

You manned the sails and steadied the rudder.

To those who stood and delivered the message of limited government, lower taxes and personal responsibility – thank you.

To those who walked, those who phoned, those who distributed literature; those who licked, those who sticked, those who stuffed, those who ‘sorted by zip’,  those who attended rallies; set up and tore down the chairs, risers, sound systems, coordinated with media, etc, etc. Thank you.

To the workers in over 300 polling stations, the Judges of Elections, the Majority & Minority Inspectors, Clerks, Machine Operators and Constables, I cannot express my gratitude effusively enough for your dedication, competence and perseverance to get through another grueling election day  – 6am to 9 or 10pm and then delivering the vote to Doylestown.  Thank you.

To those who voted, THANK YOU NEIGHBORS.  This is YOUR Victory and as Ben Franklin said, your “…Republic, if you can keep it”.   You’ve learned what is possible, you’ve learned HOW to do it.  Now you need to practice it – EVERY DAY – until it becomes second nature in your every day routine.

Think of November 2nd as your first day of Basic Training.  Keep up the dialog, keep up the conversation, keep it in your routine until your kids, family and friends understand that it is not only for real, it’s FOREVER, one day at a time!


Steve McGill, Chairman
Northampton Township, Bucks County
Republican Committee

PS.  Remember Pericles:  “You may not be interested in politics; that does not mean politics has no interest in YOU!”

If you didn’t vote – stand up.  If you aren’t registered – stand up.  We’re waiting for you with open arms!  Come join us today

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