To Tweet or Not…

Social Internet… Where are the Republicans?

Do you Google?

Do you surf the Web? is a Republican Blog trying to drag tired & weary campaigners into the new world of online Social Networking.

Their Web 2.0 Video Tutorials take the form of easy to activate videos in an online library that has been created to assist Republican activists getting started with various Social Media applications.

Feel free to contact them with any questions or if you have an idea for additional web video topics.

If you feel empowered, consider tweeting seriously.

You don’t have to be a news reporter to read the newspaper or a Web fanatic to surf the Web or search it using Google or Yahoo etc. Yet, 10 years ago, “Google” was almost unknown and surfing meant having fun with waves.

Time marches on and changes come even more quickly because of the Internet; to misquote Bill Gates: “At the Speed of the Internet!”

So, too in politics and interpersonal communications. If you don’t appreciate the power of using the available tools on the Internet, you will fall further behind and so will your local party committee’s capabilities.

The Dems have shown they are are more than Web-capable with the last two National Elections. We need to get there, too. And our local committee members need to be at the forefront of the modern way of “Reading and Writing” .

Email is getting to be so “Old (foggy) School”, but it still has some value – some say more than walking the streets or doing recorded phone messages.

Twitter, facebook, Linkedin and many other Social Networking Tools are more than the wave of the future, they’re the harbingers of even more rapid changes and improvements in communications and the present power in political FUND RAISING.

Twitter alone is making “Everybody” into “Somebody”.

So, get your kids to teach you how to appreciate these new tools, view the eStampede Tutorials and get yourself up to speed and get them and you involved in the political side of your life.

Or, you could take a course in computer literacy at the Northampton Library. They have them all the time and the prices are hard to beat!

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NOTE: (Added after the original article) Our website is now not only on twitter, but our news is mobile. That means, if you use an iPhone, iPod Touch or an Android cell phone, you can readily review our latest news and more with them. So, stay connected to us with your mobile phone!

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