Twp Failure Results In “Criminal Investigation” – Attend the BOS Meeting on 03/27/13

At the apparent direction of Frank Rothermel, the DEM majority Supervisors and the Township have failed to uphold their Ordinances and possibly placed the integrity of the Public Water Supply at risk for contamination.  For nearly 14 months, The Municial Authority has asked the Township to inspect certain properties in the Industrial Park which might have connections between their private wells and the Public Water supply.

They have taken NO ACTION until this week.  A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION?  All they needed to do was an inspection… over 13 months ago.  The following from Kimberly Rose in an email to a concerned citizen who for 14 months, has requested that the Township and specifically, the Supervisors fulfill their obligations:

“I have been advised by counsel for the Township that, since this is now a criminal investigation, the Township will not be making any further comments or releasing any additional information in public meetings concerning the details of this investigation.”
Dr Rose, Chairperson Board of Supervisors, 3/7/12 1:12PM

We all hope that there are NO ISSUES found and that the Public Water Supply has not been compromised.  That would be the best possible outcome.  But why the delays?  Why the secrecy?  Why a “Criminal Investigation”?  Why the attacks on property owners and their tennants?

Regardless, it is an outrage that Rothermel/Cunningham political interests and direction to Township Staff, and apparently Solicitor Mike Savona, have precluded Public Safety.  Dr. Rose was able to accomplish in one week, what Rothermel refused to do in 14 months.

Rose indicated in her email that there are 3 steps being taken at her direction including a request of the Municipal Authority to provide all available information, a letter to the 22 property owners asking for the voluntary cooperation in allowing an inspection, and a request to the Bucks County Health Department for testing of BOTH the 22 properties well and septic systems.  For the record, the Municipal Authority provided ALL requested information including a 3-volume report to the Township on or before July 17, 2012!

Now that they have declared a “Criminal Investigation”, they have once again hidden the matter from the Public.  We urge ALL PUBLIC WATER CUSTOMERS to attend the next Supervisors’ meeting and demand answers.

The CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION is most likely focused on the wrong parties.  Remember November!

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