Understanding Electric Choice

Tommy Tomlinson at work

Tommy Tomlinson at work

Some helpful news and suggestions from Senator Tommy Tomlinson’s recent email newsletter:

Understanding Electric Choice

Electric rate caps were lifted on January 1 in some areas of the Commonwealth and consumers are seeking a new understanding of how to control 2010 electric costs, according to the Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate (OCA).

While officials predict an increase in costs, consumers can choose the company from which their electricity is generated or remain with the current provider.

If you are from my Senatorial district your current provider is PECO. A Residential Consumer’s Electric Shopping Guide is available to help you compare rates as you decide which company will generate your electricity.

Generation is the production of electricity.

Transmission is the movement of that electricity from where it is produced to a local distribution system.

Distribution is the delivery of purchased power to the consumer.

Because the price cap on generation rates is set to expire, consumers are free to choose the company from which their electricity is generated (EGC) while continuing to receive one billing statement including costs for generation from one company and transmission and distribution from their current company (EDC).

OCA is offering answers to a number of frequently asked questions to assist consumers in making the most of their electric generation choice.

One of our Republican Township Committee members, Ed Farling, deserves the credit for sending this information in along with his comment: “If you use electricity for heat (RH) as I do, let me save you a little trouble and tell you that PECO offers the best price.”

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