Vote Gary Gilman, Robert Baldi & Wallace “Skip” Batemen for Judge


On Tuesday May 19th, please vote Gary Gilman, Robert Baldi and Wallace “Skip” Batemen for Judge. In this Tuesday’s primary election, your vote will determine the future direction of our county’s courts.

Ensuring a quality court for our county is so important that both the Republican and Democratic Parties have taken the unusual step of endorsing the bi-partisan judicial team of Gary Gilman, Robert Baldi and Wallace “Skip” Bateman.

Together, the team of Gilman, Baldi and Bateman will bring the very best in legal background, experience, intelligence and temperament to our Bucks County court. Quite simply, they will make great judges!

Judge Wallace “Skip” Bateman
• Already serving as our Judge; nominated to the bench by Governor Ed Rendell and unanimously approved by the State Senate.
• 25 years of legal experience, including extensive trial experience.
• Former prosecutor who worked to keep our families safe from crime.
• Married for 28 years, father of three children.

Robert Baldi
• Bucks County resident for more than 30 years, husband and father of two.
• 30 years of legal experience with a proven record at the federal, state and local levels.
• Chosen by his peers in the legal community to serve in a judicial capacity for our courts.
• Nominated by Governor Ed Rendell to serve as a Bucks County Judge.

Gary Gilman
• Bucks County resident for more than 20 years, husband and father of two.
• Broad-based experience in criminal, civil and family law.
• Extensive trial experience arguing cases before more than 50 juries and the Pennsylvania Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth Courts.
• Former Senior Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General and Public Defender for Bucks County.

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