VOTE IN THE PRIMARY, This Tuesday, May 21st!

flaggop_314x235There are outstanding candidates who live in Northampton Township running for office.
Be certain to VOTE for them this Tuesday.

Michelle Christian who was overwhelmingly endorsed by 75% of the ELECTED REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE people in Bucks County is our Northampton Township resident running for Prothonotary.  The incumbent, supported by “old white guys” (intended as a euphemism commonly used to criticize the GOP) and Harrisburg Bosses has amassed nearly $103,000 in campaign funds from those who are not in the position to endorse local or county candidates.

The incumbent took a $50,000 contribution from an Erie-County Senator whose history of fund raising includes the heavily DEMOCRATIC Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association.  This has been a very nasty campaign, with the incumbent assaulting Michelle as too young, too inexperienced, not having “paid her dues”, etc.  For the record, the incumbent has been a County Employee for 37 years and if re-elected, will be sworn in at age 74.  SHE has made age an issue.

VOTE MAY 21st!  Support your Resident Candidates, who have been endorsed to help reshape the Republican Party and lead Northampton and Bucks County into a brighter future.

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