VOTE This Tuesday, 5/20/14 – It’s More Important Than You Might Think

Please, don’t sit this one out!  Get out and VOTE.

Most people don’t realize the importance of Tuesday’s Election.  They dismiss it as a “low voter turnout election” as the media have determined.  Moreover, most of us do not realize that it is NOT merely a “Primary” Election.  There’s far more at stake.

This Tuesday in Pennsylvania, as a registered Republican, YOU have the opportunity to elect your State Republican Committee members.  These are the folks that will shape the future of the PA Republican Party. When you look at the ballot in your Northampton Township District, you will see but ONE contested race: Republican State Committee.

You are asked to “Vote for Seven Men, Seven Women and One Either”. Our 15 recommended men and women have faithfully and earnestly done the work of the Party and will represent Bucks County well in Harrisburg. State Committee members serve in a volunteer capacity and work on all county and statewide campaigns.  Before running for State Committee, an individual has given countless 20140520statecom1hours of service over a few or even many years working for the Republican Party, candidates, and campaigns. 

There are also 3 additional men on the ballot without the recommendation of YOUR elected Republican Committee men and women. These three have changed their party registration 15 times, registering as Democrats, Constitutionalists and members of the Life, Liberty and Happiness Party.  Do they represent you?

They have also run for public office 24 times, as candidates for US Congress, County Commissioner, State Representative, State Committee and Delegate to the Republican National Convention.  They simply like to see their names on the ballot, and, by doing so, make a mockery of the process. 

More than 500 elected committee people have recommended to you 15 individuals who they know will serve as YOUR honest and effective voice in Harrisburg.

Please vote for the recommended State Committee candidates.




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