Carol Dubas


Carol Dubas

There are very simple reasons that I am a Republican. I believe in living my life ruled by common sense, which means I respect the law of the land and I do my best to be kind, generous and fair in my dealings with all people.

I grew up in Chicago and its suburbs.  I was born into a family that was largely composed of Democrats. At a young age, I saw the real workings of the Chicago Democratic Machine. Even as a youngster, I found it unnerving.  As a result, even though I was a registered Democrat, I thought and behaved as an Independent.  I voted according to the candidate that I believed would do the best job and voted both sides of the ticket. It was not until we moved to Pennsylvania, over 20 years ago, that I changed my registration to Republican.  I liked the way the Republicans helped the community stay safe and sound. For me it was the party of common sense.  I have not regretted my decision.

I believe in individual freedoms as guaranteed by our Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States. I do not believe that Government should have any say in an individual’s medical decisions, nor in the handling of medical care. Having traveled extensively in many countries and throughout the U.S., I know that I am very proud of the United States and will continue to work to uphold certain values of the Republican Party, which I hold dear.

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