BIG NEWS: Murphy Mum On Health Reform Since Nov 9!

Despite all the deals, giveaways, bribes, etc., Extremely Light (almost transparent) Congressman Patrick Murphy hasn’t spoken out with even a comment about the huge spending which will slam taxpayers of PA-08 in TWO ways:

1. The increased premiums and “out of pocket” costs which are inherent in the bill itself, and;
2. The deals which states from LA to NE to FL made which will be paid for by PA-08 taxpayers/voters

Perhaps “Light Blue Dog” are what was meant by “transparency” in Government by candidate Obama?!?!

PS. Did you know that the US General Services Administration is already leasing space to house the 100,000+ workers which this new bill, if enacted, will require. Washington DC recently overtook NYC as the most expensive commercial office real estate market in the country!

Seems to me the Bucks County media should examine this silence…

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