Mike Fitzpatrick Special Announcement – Saturday !!!

At 11 a.m at former Neshaminy Middle School on Route 413 (Opposite St. Mary Hospital) in Langhorne.

Mike FitzpatrickJoin Mike Fitzpatrick and his supporters for a major announcement about his political future.

Mike’s announcement comes amid growing voter dissatisfaction about the current agenda in Congress, including mounting national debt, increased deficit spending, and a bloated health care bill loaded with pork, hand outs to special interests, and other backroom deals.

The announcement will take place at 1200 Langhorne-Newtown Road in Langhorne, PA (The former Neshaminy Middle School opposite St. Mary Hospital)

If you are as concerned as Mike Fitzpatrick about the current direction of our country please come out and show your support on Saturday!

For those who do not remember Mike,  he was our Congressman who was very narrowly defeated by Patrick Murphy and the Democratic Party anti-war movement four years ago and who was unable to run two years ago due to family illness.

Mike’s biography and some of his record and past accomplishments are on Wikipedia.org for all to read (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Fitzpatrick). It is inspirational, in our view!

Mike was endorsed by several environmental groups including the Sierra Club.

He has the distinction of  being the only incumbent Republican congressman in Pennsylvania in 2006 who had the support of the environmentalist lobby during his election.

On the facebook page “Draft Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress” from 2008 it says:

In the 2006 Election, Mike Fitzpatrick did not lose. His party was beaten by the opposition party…


Mike Fitzpatrick embodies the ethos of the 8th Congressional District and deserves to be there more than anyone else. He loves the people of the district and knows their problems. When one looks at Mike, one sees the 8th District.

We couldn’t think of better words! (ED)

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