Navy SEALs Face Court Martial: Murphy MUM

Three Navy SEALS face court martial and IMMUNITY (imagine this) is needed to get defense witnesses to come forward. There is something seriously WRONG with our government for this to be needed, let alone the original indictment.

In related news, neither Patrick Murphy, Arlen Specter nor Robert Casey have ANYTHING on their website expressing their views of this disgraceful situation. The silence is deafening and the message of lack of support for our troops is evident in that void.

Likewise, none of the Bucks County Media have done ANY reporting on this topic. The silence can be construed as acceptance of this miscarriage. Why hasn’t the Courier and Intelligencer, et al quizzed young Patrick Murphy (or at least his spokesgirl) about why they are Sooooooooo quiet about 3 NAVY SEALS facing court martial for giving a terrorist a fat lip?

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