Soviet-style Central Planning at EPA Fails – AGAIN!!

Another Failed Obama Policy…

“The Obama administration Monday conceded that cellulosic ethanol producers won’t come close to hitting a congressional target to deliver 250 million gallons of fuel next year made from grasses and other vegetation not used for food.”

Just because you pronounce it, doesn’t make it so…

“The Environmental Protection Agency set at 6.6 million gallons the amount of cellulosic ethanol that must be blended into vehicle fuels in 2011. The EPA set the target as part of an annual process for implementing a 2007 law that


oil companies to blend in an ever-increasing amount of renewable fuel into the gasoline and diesel supply.”

Congress had


that 250 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol be added next year, but without any large-scale commercial plants, the supply isn’t available. (DUHHHHH!!!)

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