Drilling Moratorium: Murphy Mum AGAIN!!!

The contrast is stunning! Across the Delaware River in Trenton, the fresh face and straight talk of Governor Chris Christie leaves no doubt in the minds of New Jersey citizens about where he stands on any issue of substance. As a result, he is on the verge of closing a budget gap of $11 BILLION (yes with a B).

Meanwhile, on our side of the Delaware, freshman-faced congressman Cong. Patrick Murphy, D-PA08 continues to ignore important issues on a daily basis. His non-verbal response to the Gulf oil disaster, followed by an ill-conceived, job-killing, drilling moratorium? — a “Job Fair” at a local mall.

Well, silence means consent: Therefore Murphy must support the drilling moratorium by the Obama administration.

In 2009, over 42,000 metric tons of petroleum crude came into Delaware River ports.

It is far and away the largest commodity brought into our region.

That crude is refined here to heat our homes, fuel our transportation among a myriad other uses.

That commodity supports thousands of jobs here in our region.

Decisions on energy production by Interior Secretary Ken Salaszar, while making salacious soundbites for the Sierra Club, will not help in the dead of winter when shortages drive the cost of heating oil through the roof for thousands of Bucks County families.

Yet, Patrick Murphy has NO COMMENT on President Obama’s decision to place a moratorium on drilling. No one likes what is happening in the gulf, but quality of life depends on a job as much as a clean environment.

Murphy thinks silence is a safe harbor from answering hard questions about these balancing acts. So far he has been right: To twist one his favorite issue – If he “Don’t Tell”, the Bucks County media “Don’t Ask”!!

Silence means consent, so why isn’t the Bucks County media helping their readers understand whether and how much consideration Murphy has given to supporting this decision.

Politically, Murphy may believe silence is golden, but that’s what a free press is supposed to override!

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